How can I load my account?

You can load your MoneyPolo account in any of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer
  • Transfer from another account
  • Cash transfer to your name
  • Transfer from the e-wallet
  • By payment card


  • From another MoneyPolo account

You can transfer funds between two MoneyPolo accounts using option Withdraw from account > Internal transfer in your Account management system.

  • From another bank account

All instructions for payments via bank transfer are specified in the Load account > Wire transfer in the Account management system.

The sender must specify the following information at the money transfer office:
Code of the payment withdrawal office: ZRMV
Transfer currency: USD or EUR
Address of the withdrawal office: UK, London, Mayzus Financial Services

The sender is obliged to carry an ID and specify name, surname, date of birth, and mobile phone number of the recipient.
The sender is obliged to provide the recipient with the transfer tracking number.
The recipient can log into his Account management system and enter this number to automatically top up his account.
For the list of offices you can send money from, click here

From MoneyPolo prepaid cards
Place a request via option:Accounts: Deposit > MoneyPolo card in the Account Management System.

From any other payment card

It can be done via Accounts: Deposit > Payment card. If you pay with your card for the first time, you will be asked to verify your payment card. Detailed information about card verification procedure can be found here.

MoneyPolo accepts transfers from the following e-money systems

  • VISA QIWI Wallet - USD, EUR
  • BTC (bitcoins), LTC (litecoins), BCH (bitcoin cash), Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Dashcoin - USD, EUR, PLN, CZK
  • Sofort - EUR
  • Trustly - SEK

The top up request should be placed via tab Accounts > Deposit and by choosing desirable e-money system in the Account Management System.
To use this method of funding, the client must be authorized in these systems. Also, the balance of the e-wallet needs to be sufficient in order to make a transfer.