How can I get my account verified?

Verification is the process used to confirm identity based on provided documents.
Every new customer must go through the verification process to confirm his/her identity in order to use MoneyPolo services fully.

Primary verification confirms identity and requires an upload of scanned documents (one identification document + one proof of address (1+1), or two identification documents + two proofs of address (2+2)). It is also required to complete Personal Questionnaire form on our website.

Secondary verification confirms identity through notarized paper copies of documents sent through regular post in addition to scanned versions. (one notarized identification document + one original proof of address , or two notarized identification documents + two original proofs of address). To speed up the process, please mail us documents by regular post only after successful Primary Verification.
Verification 1+1 is convenient for clients who want to order MoneyPolo prepaid cards or use MoneyPolo Payment Account. The clients who are planning to use MoneyPolo without initial limitations, must provide us with 2+2 documents.

Recurrent verifications
Recurrent verifications are requested from individual customers if any of the verification documents need to be renewed. We reserve the right to request a copy of a new document or proof of a new address/registration once every 12 months. Corporate customers must provide us with a new Certificate of Good Standing every 6 months.
We will inform you if additional documents are required.