How to verify my payment card? Why should I do it?

Please, verify your payment card if you are going to use it to load your MoneyPolo account.
It is obligatory for any card you are going to use.

Why we do it?

Our company provides an unprecedented amount of payment methods: direct debits, SEPA, card payments acquiring, prepaid cards, cash money transfers, internal payments, transfers to payment cards, digital currencies.

The fact is that majority of these methods are instant and irreversible. We understand our risks.

To address the challenge of card fraud we have to ask our clients to upload a selfie of the card owner with an ID and a card in hands.

How to verify a card?

You need to make a good quality selfie with an ID and a card in hand. We need to be able to see your face clearly, read the document, the name of the cardholder and the last four digits of your card. Upload the photo in your cabinet.

How to verify a virtual payment card?

You can use a virtual card to deposit into your account. You need to upload into your MoneyPolo cabinet a screenshot with this card so the issuer, the card holder name and 4 last digits of the card number are visible. Also you need to upload a screenshot with 3 or more most recent transaction with this card. All the rest is the same. We will check the first payment manually. If everything is alright, the card will be approved for future deposits. 

Why my card payment is on hold?

The first payment from any new payment card will be checked manually. If your verification level is KYC1 your account will automatically get unverified. The payment will be on hold till manually approved.

What will we do?

We will check your payment, if there is a selfie with the card we will process the payment and reactivate your account

My card is verified, but my payment is on hold and account unverified?
Apart from checking a non-verified card, our anti-fraud system checks a few other parameters. If the system notices something unusual, it places the payment on hold and deactivates the account.

If your verification level is KYC1 and our anti-fraud system registers any unusual activity, your account will be deactivated.

What will we do?

We will manually assess the transaction that triggered the alarm. Most probably it is a false alarm. Your account will be reactivated and payment processed in no time.

Can I upgrade the trust level?

Definitely. You can pass video verification which upgrades your trust level to KYC2. In this case your account stays active, even if anti-fraud system reacts. However, the payment which triggers alarm will stay on hold until manually checked and processed.

What is video verification?

Video verification is a standard 3-5 minutes procedure which will upgrade your verification status to KYC2.

During video verification we make audio/video recording and make screenshots of you and the documents you have provided to us earlier.

Join us on Skype "moneypoloverification" and enter your email address as Skype message. We will respond within 24 hours to arrange a Skype call.

Can I expect more checks?

Absolutely. Both AML/CTF regulation and our experience in fighting fraud would make us to know more about our valuable clients.

Eventually, we would have to get more information about the source of your wealth, nature of your operations or the relationships with your peers.

Can I use a payment card of someone else?

Yes. Our clients can use cards of their close relatives. However, we will ask you to fill in a statement and upload a selfie of the card owner with an ID and card in hand.