How much do I pay for withdrawing from an account?


  • To another MoneyPolo account

Internal transfers from one MoneyPolo account to another MoneyPolo account are free of charge.

  • To another bank account

You can calculate the current fee via Help > Charges calculator in Account Management System.

The sender pays a fee for transferring money at the transfer office. The commissions for these services are individual for every office. We recommend that you contact each office to clarify the commission rates.
Mayzus Financial Services does not charge any additional fees for receiving money transfers.
For the list of all money transfer offices with addresses, phone numbers, and working hours, click here.


  • To MoneyPolo VISA or MoneyPolo MasterCard cards

Each deposit, regardless of its amount for Express loading we will charge:
MoneyPolo MasterCard $3.00
MoneyPolo Virtual Quick Card $3.00
MoneyPolo VISA Card $3.00

For SWIFT loading we will charge: $5.00

  • To any other VISA or MasterCard card

Commission fee for this type of transfer can vary, it depends on bank emitent. Please use our calculator in Overview tab in order to calculate commission fee for your transfer.

Limits for transferred amount:

2 500 USD – max amount for one transaction;
4 800 USD – amount per day;
5 max amount of transactions per day;
20 000 USD – amount per month;
50 max amount of transactions per months


  • Visa QIWI Wallet

Fee: 0,79%
Minimum fee: $1,00 or €1,00
Maximum fee: no
Maximum transaction amount: 15000 RUB (equivalent in a different currency)

  • BTC (bitcoins), LTC (litecoins), BCH (bitcoin cash), Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Dashcoin

Fee: 1% + 3 USD/EUR
Minimum fee: $10,00 or €10,00
Maximum fee: no
Maximum transaction amount: $10000 or €10000 daily