What information/documents do I need to send money?

In order to send money you need to specify recipient’s first and last name and his/her mobile phone in an international format. At the branch you need to prove your identity with a valid ID (passport, permanent residence card). For sending money online, you have to go through verification process first. For more information on “How do I get verified” please see Account Section in FAQ.

MoneyPolo offers an opportunity to send the money transfer from the bank account. Same documents are necessary to be able to receive a transfer to a bank account. Verification requires you to upload color copies of the following documents:

  • Passport (ID). The copy must feature document number, photograph, full name, date of issue, residential address, and expiry date.
  • Any other identifying document (driving license, copy of insurance card). The copy must feature the document number, photograph (if available), full name, date of issue, date of expiry.

If you want to make transfers using the Internet-banking and receive the transfers directly to your bank account it is also necessary to present the copy of a bank statement at one of our offices or upload it online.